Sharing Ordinary Spaces

Sharing Ordinary Spaces

“The world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

Henry David Thoreau

Painting the town purple

I love meeting and engaging with new people and places. I rely on the willingness and influence of my regular support allies to consistently ensure a variety of life activities and opportunities.

Supporting me to go, see, feel, hear, smell and experience all connects with choice.

For me, community inclusion is about action. I love being on the go!

I live my life by the saying, “every moment has potential.” Actively, consistently and meaningfully engaging with the community, regardless of my support needs.

My goal is to have an extraordinary life where I can achieve a sense of social wellbeing and enjoy my life through everyday interactions with others.

I am just another citizen and member of the community and through being present and in these ordinary spaces I will promote greater awareness and understanding about… living life with a purple obsession!

I am treated like royalty when I visit my local florist! Not only do I love all the fragrances, colours and textures of the beautiful flowers but I receive the warmest greetings from the florists that work there. I am a loyal customer when I find people and places that allow me the time and space to be me.

Visiting LUSH each week is my visit to a sensory playground. It’s an opportunity to sample and choose a range of beauty products, soaps and perfumes. I quickly associate the familiar smells and fragrances with the attentive and patient customer service I receive each and every visit.

New and unknown experiences are exciting and sometimes confusing. For me, its all about being challenged to try new things and learning to cope in various situations. I am learning to tolerate my new surroundings and in my own time, I adjust my sensitivities to suit every new opportunity and challenge.

I literally love being ‘on the move’. Maybe its because I am usually seated in my chair, but I love the sensation of motion, speed and acceleration. I’m happiest when I am going somewhere, exploring and reacting. For me, the journey is more than the destination, it’s the freedom, sense of anticipation and achievement of whats to come.