A family perspective

A family perspective

She is…  just as she is!

Angie is many different things, to many different people. It’s virtually impossible to summarise  Angie up in any one way, so we haven’t tried.

We would rather celebrate all of the things that make her who ‘she is’.

Angie is supported in many different ways, by lots of people. Here are just some of the ways people refer to Angie , her unique personality, her individuality and her spark!

“Seeing the person, not the diagnosis.”

How cool is that statement – reminds me of a quote by Jean Driscoll,

“Disability is a characteristic like hair colour; it’s not a defining principle.”

R-I-C-O-C-H-E-T (ricochet)

Don’t you just love the sound of that word? Meaning rebound, bounce or skip off a surface – to go in another direction…

Impact of Individual Funding

Recently my mum was asked to present at a Sylvanvale NDIS information meeting. This is what she had to say and some pics from the presentation below…

Bev Nugent

A Parent’s Perspective

Stronger together

Here’s a short article we were asked to be involved with as a part of ‘Stronger together’. It gives a good overview of our day to day existence and some of what we have been through as a family…

A Sister’s Perspective

Looking back I had no trouble with acceptance of Angela’s disability because she is “my sister”.