Living the good life

Living the good life

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know!

Human diversity = Individuality

Quality of life is a phrase that most people are familiar with, whether or not one can define it.

I believe the ‘uniqueness’ of an individual is really at the heart of how quality of life should be measured.  Especially when measuring quality in someone with complex needs.

The goal being to enjoy and maintain a good quality of life on a daily basis.

 So quality for Angela is basically being supported to maintain physical health- personal care -nutrition and diet – remedial massage – body and foot care – behaviour modifying support – living at home, – access to her

favourite home equipment – multi media switch – favourite music-songs – videos – iPad -rocking chair – yellow ball – family – her daily rituals and cues, -right people to support her to access community places -wheelchair transport – visiting and socialising – friendships and relationships – opportunities – experiences – support and training to learn new things, – making choices – adjusting to any changes in life.

 Inclusion and participation/engagement/opportunities/experience( not the impairment) is paramount , coupled with the right support people.

Quality then for Angela is the sum total as seen on her website…The “who, what, why, when, where, how, and is” of her life- as seen through the lens!