One Page Profile

My one page profile


Name: Angela Sheree Nugent DOB-2nd February 1972

Info about me

Diagnosis: Conradi Syndrome (Punctate Epiphyseal Dysplasia)

Non Verbal  Communication – Some individual signing

Intellectually Challenged

Non Ambulatory-(wheelchair user)

Epilepsy – well controlled with medication/wheelchair first aid if seizure was to occur

Vision impairment – left eye

Behaviors to look out for : When I become impatient or perhaps don’t understand something I will most likely bite my thumb and hand

What is important to me other than family

1.1 Active Support inclusion in the community

My jelly bean adaptive switch for my music and videos/My Spinning Barrel

Music- favourite songs Grand Old Duke of York-Pretty Woman

Smell –flowers /perfume etc

Hugs –forehead to forehead connection

Routines and Rituals-consistency

Favourite colour- purple

Chocolate-Milky Ways

How to support me ‘creatively’ during Active Support in Community

 Individualised /Person centred/Active/Intensive Support/Circle of support

People who support me to have common sense/honest/positive/reliable

Keep me safe/Sunsense routine/Change aprons & gloves as required

No Eating/ Drinking/No toileting /No removal from  wheekchair while in the community-Emergency See Non Verbal Alert Card attached to wheelchair

Provide opportunities to go places, know people, see friends, make choices, develop ‘understanding’ of community – experiences, abilities, and be valued

Someone willing to take daily diary photos/advocate for me/dignity/respect

Have energy for facilitating wheelchair movement/attach sun umbrella 

Confident to drive wheelchair van/secure wheelchair restraints

 Use my website /instagram/Youtube” for info/calendar and community mapping