A Sister’s Perspective

How do I see Angie – loveable and cheeky!! Heart

Looking back I had no trouble with acceptance of Angela’s disability because she is “my sister”.

Angela & Michelle

Interactions in the early years were paramount for Angie. I tried everything to bring a smile to her face- even banging the floor for an acoustic/resonance affect to entice a reaction along with singing and lots of cuddles. (I mean lots!!)

Having a Child Care Certificate helped with sensory intervention using cooking, goop, finger painting, shaving cream, bubbles, mop painting and balloon play to name a few.

Once I was married Angie spent Saturdays for a few hours with myself and husband(Bill) interacting and bonding while giving Mum and Dad some respite.

Angie enjoys going for a drive in the car for extended periods of time so lots of trips down the south coast and visiting Bill’s mum (Monica) and sister (Mary) at their home, allowing Angie to be involved with people who really cared about her.

There was a scary time for me (not that I let on to mum at the time) when Angie had her spinal fusion at Prince of Wales Hospital. Thank heavens all went well but looking back everyone was anxious as this vulnerable young person went through this traumatic time.

However an exciting time in my life (but worrisome somewhat to mum and that’s an understatement) was having Angie as my bridesmaid——-however with lots of organising all went well and mum could breathe a sigh of relief.

As years go on it is important for me to be aware that Angie is happy and contented. The intervention over the last couple of years of assistive equipment for music and videos (some I get to have a lead role) has bought about autonomy in Angie’s world, which is a delight to watch, along with her continued progress. The latest being her own website which is a wonderful way for her to be presented in a positive light and certainly a recharge for us all as her family.

It is said that “little things mean a lot” and most important to Angela is my undivided attention when I’m in her presence, continuous hugs and “demand” singing (especially the Grand Old Duke of York).

I’m sure I can comply with such a simple request.

GO ANGIE !! (I’m proud of you)

Michelle Harding – Angela’s Sister


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Vivid goes Purple for Angie!

Michelle filmed this for Angie on a recent trip to see the Sydney Vivid Festival 2015.