Sensory Sensitivities

Learning through sensory experience – sight, sound touch, smell.

By exploring and encountering new sensations in limitless but safe ways as a pathway to understand the world we all live in – while improving concentration, communication and social interaction.

in the early years…


I was ‘tactile defensive’ – I didn’t want to touch certain materials objects or things. Especially things that were new.  I only touched what I knew was safe.

For example… I didn’t like soft or furry toys, soft fluffy fabrics,  sand on my feet, or wearing floppy hats.

I preferred the tactile feel and certainty of hard wooden surfaces, plastics  and solid objects.

I also preferred inside as opposed to outside activities.  eg. being safe indoors as opposed to outdoor picnics, or processing all the overwhelming surrounding sounds, acoustics and smells in the outside world.

where I’m at now…


After mum putting me through loads of intervention and experimentation like brushing, swinging and exposure to numerous stimuli, my sensitivities have certainly improved over time.  (Somewhat!)

For example… I’ll now tolerate being outdoors a lot more, travelling on loud public trains and transport and contending with a ‘normal’ environment, sounds and uncertainty.

Part of me developing this overall acceptance of new things has also come from using my multimedia and switch controlled set up at home, to gain exposure to new sounds, visual references and control over these experiences.

Mum has certainly learnt to appreciate my unique sensitivities and seems to understand my intense reactions.

Did you know 83% of learning is done visually.