Friendships & Relationships

“Example isn’t another way to teach, it is the only way to teach.”

Albert Einstein


As you can see by my photos posted, I enjoy interacting with my friends which has come about by my day programme activities. These foster opportunities to connect. I can connect with the people who I have known for years from Sylvanvale and other friends and family associations that are important to me and my family. Both of these relationships are unconditional and I’m accepted as is!!

Mum says…

However, people living with disability still remain the most marginalised and socially excluded group within society. In the report Shut Out: The Experience of People with Disabilities and their Families in Australia- responses to the disability strategy consultation paper has comments that state that:

 In a society where the values that predominate are power and wealth, physical prowess and beauty, intelligence , competition, autonomy and self control, many people with a disability are marginalised and devalued. It could well be that many people are fearful about engaging with and including people who live with a disability as a result of a lack of knowledge, and that people with a disability are treated as “the other” rather than involved.

 Angie says…

So, supported by my allies (who basically hold my identity in the palm of their hands) to have a wider range of leisure activities can make a significant contribution to improving my quality of life. This support can also tackle social exclusion and encourage a healthy lifestyle, while promoting connections and sharing the moment of engagement in another person life.

You know, maybe people like myself are actually a true to life teaching tool (chuckle), and having presence within the community shows we exist, even perhaps assisting to conjure a thought in others to understanding the notion of disability, or to wonder about the experience of living with a disability . Even perhaps to spark a passing thought to people involved in caring for someone with a disability…