The value of choice

The value of choice

Choice is my voice. If I didn’t have access to my NDIS funding, my life would be completely different. Through my plan I am able to have tailored supports and services. This enables me to get out and about in my community to continually have a range of sensory and developmental learning  experiences. 

My plan recognises that, my environment and physical spaces and day to day experiences in the community help to shape my life. 

The community is my classroom. Regularly being immersed in the community rather than confined to a traditional disability service group setting has a direct positive impact on my daily experiences, my attitude & wellbeing, my acceptance of  new people and my learning .

This is an important practical step and necessary for the evolution and continual improvement of my quality of life. 

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Like anyone else, individuals with disabilities want to experience belonging. To be present, invited, welcomed, known, accepted, supported, heard, befriended, needed and loved – each of these dimensions of belonging contributes to the assurance of one’s value and place within a meaningful community.

Pleasure, purpose and the perfect week. Variety and opportunity for growth and lifelong learning.

Sustained NDIS funding has enabled a responsive result to the unique needs of Angela. 

Small considerations lead to significant impacts where the daily process is equally important as the outcomes. 

Continuing journey and not a one off encounter. Everyone needs the opportunity to try new things, turning any potential into growth as you engage in many different experiences resulting in lifelong learning. 

My immediate  environment plays a powerful role in my wellbeing. It directly impacts my lifestyle, my pleasure, my movement and my sensory experiences.