Community Support & Communication

“Ally”- a tiny word, but when used under the heading of “community support & communication ally“ for complex or severe disability, certainly the action can’t be considered small when it comes to the practice side of supporting.

Being an Ally in this instance requires not only skill and energy of transporting someone with all their complexities in a wheelchair, “rain hail or shine” but one would hope they would possess and exhibit the understanding of the importance of  holding the disabled persons identity in the palm of their hand, especially so for non verbal people. Acting as a voice on behalf of the person while promoting social inclusion.

The person centred practice of having the right people (right matching) is paramount – as is the Ally’s own beliefs of advocacy being grounded in respect for the principles of person centred support, thus resulting in an interpersonal level of relationship with the disabled person as well as a practical hands on requirements of safety and presentation.

“I believe ‘values’ shape everything we do, so success lies within the person to really make a difference to someone’s life-well-at least a passionate sense of possibility towards the opportunity to experience the sharing of ordinary places within the community.”



the magic of Pam

“I really love my new individualised programme being ‘out and about’ with Pam who takes really good care of me. We go to lots of places of interest travelling by wheelchair transport, train and ferry giving me the opportunity to experience the world around me – not forgetting my bowling day…  Hoo-ray!!!!

Mum says…

Pam is a wonderful “willing spirit” in supporting Angela’s presence in the community and varied activities.

Pam is to be commended as well, for her continuing compliance of taking photos supporting the aim of providing Angela with a “visual voice”, via website and Youtube.

Your effort is appreciated!!


the heart of Jenny

Jenny has great interpersonal skills, shows patience and empathy towards Angie’s high support needs, while ensuring duty of care is practiced.

Possesses a genuine interest in Angela’s wellbeing and potential by providing her with real opportunities that maximises experience and understanding with warm encouragement.

Jenny is also a skilled photographer, has an eye for detail and composes some great shot of Angela in action!


the gentleness of Elaine

“Elaine gives me lots of attention, talks to me all the time, is responsive to all my needs but best of all gives me caring hugs.(and she doesn’t mind how often I choose to hug her)…. I do like spending time with her.”

Mum says:

Having Elaine as part of Angela’s regular support is a pleasure.

“Elaine is gentle, compassionate and possesses the skills and energy required to support Angela’s presence within the community.”


the spirit of Sharon

Sharon brings a light hearted approach to Angela’s community support. It would appear that she is “meant” to have a place in Angela’s life as their paths have constantly crossed.

“Sharon’s easy attitude of continual chatter is a super engagement for Angela being non-verbal. Motivating Angela to respond with vocalising intent .”

Sharon holds strong beliefs in the ‘rights’ of all people making her a great champion for Angela who has complex needs.